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Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Plans In Arizona

We offer expertise in Medicare for those individuals over the age of 65. Original Medicare doesn’t cover all your health care costs. This is an important fact to know before you need help with those expenses. That is why many people with original Medicare choose to add on a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare is provided by the Government and covers some of the cost of Hospitals (Part A) and doctor visits (Part B). But it does not cover everything – there are huge gaps in healthcare coverage, no coverage for prescription drugs or routine, vision, dental or hearing. We offer all Medicare options and cover all the bases. We offer Medicare supplements, Medicare Plan D Prescription Plans and Medicare Advantage plans.

We are very familiar with the rules and ramifications surrounding Enrollment. The Special Election Periods: just turning 65, just moved into the state or just lost employer coverage, etc. When we say “just” that means you have 60 days from the date of your event to make your move or risk being pushed back to the AEP, the Annual Enrollment Period, October 15-Decemebr 7 each year. We know the ramifications of the AEP, Annual Enrollment Period. For example: the exact timing of the annual window, last plan signed up trumps all other plans enrollments. We will sit down with you to assess your healthcare needs and budget and in turn recommend the plan that best suits you. We consult you regarding networks in and out of state. We perform Provider searches to make sure your favorite Physician and Specialist, Clinic and Hospital are in the network of your new plan. So you can maintain your relationship with the providers that care for you best. We gather a list of all your medications and do perform a search of all the carrier Drug Formularies to make sure your Medications are covered along with their co-pay amount.

We understand the rules of enrollment and explain them to you. We review the Medication Coverage Gap, “Donut Hole”, in your Medicare RX Part D and its possible ramifications. We explain the 1% per month penalty that is asserted to you for every month beyond turning 65 that you did not have Part D coverage in place. We explain the underwriting process you need to pass to be accepted into a plan. We explain how you can avoid underwriting all together; when coming on to the plan after just turning 65 or leaving employer coverage.

We explain the Premium Value Discounts offered for being in good health by answering “No” to 20 medical questions. We have the 20 Underwriting Questions, for example: Do you have End Stage Renal Failure? Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis? Are you an alcoholic? Do you have the HIV virus? etc. If you can answer “No” to all questions, your saving can be over $130 per month on a Medicare Supplement Plan. We can offer you a zero ($0.00) monthly premium Medicare Advantage Plan; designed to save you tens of thousands over the years.

We tell you the 4 elements needed to qualify for these plans:

  • Be turning 65 in the next 90 days
  • Be a resident of Arizona
  • Have an active Medicare Card
  • Have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Let us help you transition into your Medicare coverage stage of your life and we will be there for you for the life of the policy.

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